All she had to do was to open her mouth and say-

-Hey Heathcliff, can I get you something?

-Looking for something Heathcliff?

-Oh look Cathy, Heathcliff has just walked in (and now sitting behind you listening to your idiotic ramblings)

-Take my shoe Heathcliff and hit me over my head with it so that Cathy will know that you are here.
But what did she do instead? Nothing!!!

Kept quiet and set off a series of events that would destroy so many lives.

#WutheringHeights #EmilyBrontë
#Heathcliff #CatherineEarnshaw


21 thoughts on “I Hate Nelly

  1. I’ve haven’t been able to read wuthering heights but I do wish to… You’ve made me a little curious as to what would I say xD keep writing 🙂

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      1. I’m glad I stumbled on this then, keep writing. I’m looking forward to read more from you 🙂 Also, have a pleasant day 😊

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  2. I shall never forget when I visited the Bronte Parsonage, the village and the gorgeous moors searching for Heathcliff or at the very least, someone with Olivier’s eyes… lol The parsonage could be a whole series of posts, at least from a psychological perspective. My heart went out to the sisters and they brother. It had to be so bleak with those textile mills going and churning out that smoke, darkening the skies…

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    1. Ah! What a great experience ! I’ve been planning to do this for ages. I’ll go mad when I finally make it.
      The Bronte sister had a really hard time as writers. They had to write under pen name as male writers, ‘Bell brothers’. Females were not welcome at publishers.

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