On this Father’s Day, I can recall the best birthday I’ve ever had because of his presence and the gift that he brought with him.

I was at my Nana’s house. A beautiful village…up in the hills

It was my birthday but everyone was distracted. There was a wedding that day in the family. That’s why we were there. My dad couldn’t come because he was busy with his work. I wasn’t very happy about the whole thing.

I was sitting at a table looking down, sulking and ignoring everyone and feeling kind of sad. I look up and saw my dad holding a gift for me. He had come just for my birthday. I snatched the pretty box from his hands and tore it open. There was this dainty blue frock with frills, ribbons

Thanks, dad for these memories. The gift still makes the most blissful picture in my mind. I pray that you have a long, healthy and happy life.

Happy Father’s Day!

15 thoughts on “Hey Dad

  1. To be honest…i will share a feeling of my wife who lost her father very recently.It’s a girl/lady whose first man on her life if you ask her …she will always say her Papa is the BEST Man she has ever’ worth I am sure.Your Blog is nice.Thanks and I got emotional.

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