why meditate

Why should you meditate when everything in your life is going fine. After all, it’s tough, time-consuming and energy-sapping. Also, there are much easier and fun ways to relax.

The problem is that the happiness, joy, and calm that we feel do not last for long. There will always be that Monday morning to start the cycle of stress again. With the practice of mindful meditation, you learn to react to everything that happens around you in a balanced way.

For a quick start, just choose a convenient time, a place, and a position.

Sit on a comfortable chair or on the floor with a cushion to keep you comfortable, close your eyes and start paying attention to your breath.

The air entering your nostrils, your chest expanding and finally, it’s exit from your nostrils.

Your mind will run every second in different directions. Just bring it back. Every time you do that your mind is becoming stronger.

Start with just 3 minutes and add a minute to your practice every day till you reach up to 15 minutes. That’s it for the beginners. There is no major goal to be achieved. The practice is the goal. Enjoy!


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