My First Post            May 15, 2017

I was born in the month May and I am turning 54 this year. So far, it’s been a pretty regular life which included my work, and my favorite pass times like reading, meditating and practicing mindfulness. This year, however, I want to do something different like sharing my experiences and insights with others and learning from their writings. I intend to read a lot of blogs which I find interesting.

I type really slow and my daughter smiled and commented, “Hey mom, you really hunt and peck as you type”, hence the name…and it also reflects my slow-paced, relaxed life.

#innerpeace  #meditation #mindfulness

90 thoughts on “First blog post

    1. Welcome to this wonderful world of blogging…you will encounter many interesting friends, and life is sweet when one takes it slow and easy….thanks for following my thoughts…I look forward to a great exchange of ideas…just go for it!

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  1. Blogging makes one more patient, understanding and wise. As we read different types of blog it enlighten us about a lot of things. It’s a wonderful world. Hope you’ll enjoy reading, writing and interacting with fellow bloggers… 🙂

    The blog’s name is quite unique. Thanks to your daughter… 🙂

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      1. Thanks for your good wishes. Same back to you! 🎈 We can be May babies together, here on WP, that’s short for WordPress. Slow and leisurely is a great way to go. Cheers from me, Janina, from Melbourne, Australia.

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  2. I was immediately drawn to your blog’s title when spotting it while blog hopping today. I’ve read that the first thing to consider when beginning your blogging journey is the title of your blog. I’d say you choose wisely, because it gets your readers acquainted with you right now. And I suspect will keep you motivated a good long while as this blog’s owner, and author.

    Let’s face it, our first steps get us going, and more often than not, keep us going. Coupled with a well thought out direction we are on our way to someplace important. Keep pecking!!!

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  3. Welcome to the world of blogging and thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you enjoy what you find there. I was a few years older than you when I packed up, sold off a life in California and moved to the south of France (the other blog) and it really takes my breath away after nearly a decade. Best wishes! Léa

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      1. It is unpredictable so please don’t postpone JOY! 🙂 In a million years I never would imagine what I have here, Bon courage et bonne chance mon amie! :))

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  4. Thank you for the follow and welcome to the blogging world and glad to see that you have a number of posts lined up for me to read. My daughters would say the same about the pace of my typing. I still remember the world of typewriters. I’m also glad to hear that you decided to try out something new. I think that’s what makes life worthwhile, always reaching within and without. I look forward to seeing you around. Best. Chevvy!😀

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  5. I loved this. As one of the only guys in my high school typing class I am always thankful I braved the teasing from the other guys. I’m sure the computer keyboard is not kind to them now. Ha!

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope that you will enjoy it and come to love it as I do. Please come back and visit me again and also you might want to come in and visit the wonderful writers at the Go Dog Go Cafe. It’s the writers version of “Cheers”.

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    1. Hi Chuck, Thank you so much for the welcome and the encouraging note. Just for a year I’ll be masquerading to be a blog writer. I don’t think I’m much of a writer. As of now I’m just enjoying interacting with so many people from all parts of the world.

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      1. Hi, My Dear,

        Don’t discount your skill and talent!! I would suggest you check out writing haikus as a start. They are fun and not hard to get ones to turn out really well. You can check it out on Google and on my blog!! Also, you can check on Amazon for the book Poemcrazy! This is really a fantastic book for teaching one how to write poems. I recommend it highly!!!


      1. I was going through the list of folks I follow and noticed that I hadn’t read from your blog in awhile. Enjoyed stopping by once again! A Merry Christmas to you.

        p.s. Can’t believe you’re 50+! You look not a day over 30 from your profile pic, sister!


  6. well hunt and peckers can get pretty fast – so just keep doing what you do
    and your wrote something special here- how you want to share and ALSO learn from others.
    I think some bloggers start off with a me mentality – but the aim you have is a good one and I never expected to learn so much – that was a shock for me – but some bloggers have changed my life forever

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